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This should not be removed because it is not a duplicate..I have deleted this comment in my previous posting so that it is not a duplicate!!! This is the posting that the community manager removed claiming it was a duplicate!!!


I was not going to comment hear because "no one listens" or only listens to what they want to. I no longer believe that Marriott cares about loyalty anymore and feel that new business will make up for lost loyalty business, as I have stated many times over the last several years. Marriott has changed significantly since Mr. Marriott turned over the reigns to Mr. Sorrenson, who has lost touch with loyal customers. I guess thats what happens when you put a "bean counter" in charge of a Company. They nickle dime you and can not see the forest through the trees!!!


As far as the survey is concerned, what a joke!!!  Marriott should be more concerned about all the elite, loyal customer business they are losing and not about the Elite Card. Wake up and smell the roses Marriott!!! Another survey that must have been recommended by a "bean counter". And I should know, because I am a CPA.


Let me see. Better elite card or Suite upgrades, breakfast seven days a week, lounges open seven days a week, etc. etc. etc. I will let you, the loyal customer decide!!! Over the last several years I do not remember one survey talking about what Marriott can do to improve benefits for their most loyal customers, although many suggestions have been made by Insiders and have frankly been ignored with lip service given. Marriott must feel that the benefit of a better looking elite card is much more important than the benefits they provide to their most loyal customers.


My guess here is this survey is being done to generate more business for Marriott by getting elite members to seek that incredible goal of lifetime elite status and nothing to do with improving the look of the card. By doing the survey, they get elite members excited about achieving that elusive Lifetime benefit although in reality the status has been watered down significantly and the benefits of this status have deteriorated including significant devaluation of points earned to achieve Lifetime Status!!


Also, seems like Marriott needs to focus on upgrading many of their properties. It seems like Insider have been complaining recently about the condition of Marriott Properties, for example the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba. One gets the feeling that the Marriott is just setting up for selling the company and as such do not want to spend any money on refurbishing their properties. Only one persons view but we shall see. Lets see here, a new elite card to amaze their customers or spending money on upgrading properties. I know where I stand!!! Again, the greedy bean counters are nickle and dimeing every which way you look to enhance the bottom line. But at some point, I believe the nickle and dimeing strategy will backfire and Marriott will find that the significant loss of revenues from their most loyal customer will be felt in a significant way.


Of course, their will be a few loyal elite members here that will continue giving 100% loyalty to Marriott and will consider a better looking elite card a big new benefit that enhances the Marriott elite member experience.