Goodbye Marriott Insiders!!! Jasper100!!! My Last Night on this Site!!!!

Discussion created by jasper100 on May 21, 2013
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I am saying good bye to Marriott Insiders. I have asked Andy to delete me from Insiders effective immediately.  I don't believe Insiders are pleased with me since I have not been very happy with Marriott and have been negative lately. It is incredible that Marriott has removed all my contributions regarding the Paul McCartney concert..It took a lot of work for me to post these..to suggest that they are copyright infringements is ridiculous since you tube allows them to remain posted for me and many others. But Andy has decided all of a sudden that this is copyright infringement even though there are many postings on you tube of the concert by many others than myself and never considered copyright infringement. Insiders has become a joke in my mind and this is a punishment for my negative feedback lately. There are many postings by insiders on music similar to what I have posted which should also have been considered copyright material and I have never seen any one of them deleted. And if you tube does not consider it copyright infringement, I don't understand why Marriott would.


As a former Steward on Insiders and a LIfetime Platinum Member, I am totally amazed at the treatment given to me on Insiders. This will probably be deleted also since first right amendments are not afforded on this site. Andy, I am very disappointed with you and this site and will never contribute to this site again, thanks to you!!! At least you found an excuse to eliminate postings by me. I find it interesting that the first time you declare copyright infringement on posing music is when I have posted music. And you may recall, you recently removed some of my postings as duplicate when I was editing that posting. I believe this was done because those postings were negative toward Marriott!!!


Just a reminder to other Insiders..It does not pay to be negative on this site because they will find a way to get you to leave the site!!!!



Andy, please remove me ASAP on Insiders..This should make you very happy!!!! But this should not surprise you as I expect you knew this would be my reaction...If you had been consistent in removing these type items in the past, I could have accepted that. But to all of a sudden decide to declare copyright infringement concerns me and feel it was so unfair that I can not consciously remain on this site anymore.


One last request..please leave this post on Insiders as I would like other Insiders to know why I have left Insiders!!!!