Venice? How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Discussion created by profchiara on May 17, 2013
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Ironically, I left Venice in January? in drenching rain after four days of perfect weather and the magnificent stay at the Pesaro.  Here I am in May and am experiencing a minor version of acqua alta for the first time.  But even that's kind of cool as I watch the canal by my windows go up and down as the day goes on.  The worst of the acqua alta hit not only Venice but apparently Milan the day before yesterday, but today all schools were closed in Venice, and cruise ships were not allowed to dock.  I found an early morning pic that I sent to my catsitter of the Rialto bridge with people up to their knees in water two days ago.


All that said, except for my awesome trip to Egypt, I love Venice more than anywhere.  When the sun comes out, as it will, it can only be compared with the sun in Greece.  Likewise the way the sea looks. My hotel is fabulous (they made sure to outfit me for the weather before I left this morning) and at lunch at a wonderful out of the way place -- but not far from the hotel -- they gave me a 10% discount because I was staying at the hotel.  The meal was wonderful and everywhere around me people were speaking German, French, Italian and American English.  I really respect that when I kept speaking Italian the waiters kept speaking it to me -- it's the same way I became fluent in French.  The food was magnifico!  You need to avoid the tourist traps in Venice and the easiest way is to get away by a few blocks at least from the Piazza San Marco, the Grand Canal and the Rialto. Then wander down una calle (a thin alley) and look even sometimes to your left or right before crossing a bridge.  You'll find some amazing places that don't cost nearly what the tourist traps cost and you'll get a true Italian meal.


When the sun comes out tomorrow morning, as it is expected to do, I await some of the most glorious sunrises (and sunsets) east of Greece).  But I will also be thankful to have experienced a tiny bit of acqua alta without being inundated by it.  This city has such an incredible history going way, way back, that you can walk into almost any palazzo or church and be transported back in time.


Buona sera di Venezia,