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London, MRI, "Having some Fun"!

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by jerrycoin


jerrycoin, "Lady Coin", "Lady Chrisf", Chrisf, and his "Co-host", SG.


Last evening at Marriott County Hall, three MRI hopefully will continue a trend!


Visiting with each other, sharing some stories, having some laughs, and planning our next MRI, "Get together"!


SG, Chrisf, and jerrycoin had a "Blast" for two hours.  Next time we will spend more time together!


Will you join us at C-H, the end of February, (23-March 1)?


We will try to get Ark, and anyone else to set aside a few hours one evening during the week to "Catch-up" on previous travels.


SG and Chris are true "Travel Professionals". as well as being wonderful "Gentlemen"!


"A great time was had by all"!


We especially want to thank the staff at C-H, for consistently providing such service.  It is a real pleasure to thank two of the staff members who seem to really know how to make our stays very nice and memorable!



The C-L Manager, Kate,(Pictured with SG). was so professional and attentive!  "Jencoula" to our "Polish Princess", of a Marriott Employee with a "Real Spirit to Serve"!


Another staff member who has been so consistent in helping all of us is "Pawel".  This wonderful "Polish Professional", works the entrance to the hotel, and is always seeking ways to help guests.


Pawel, "The Pro"!


Thanks to all that made our 2nd "Get together a "Little larger" than the first!


Will "You" come join us next year?