2013 property rating changes

Discussion created by rliss on May 16, 2013

The property rating changes are effective today and surveying some destination properties that I am familiar with I see that most were upgraded at least one category.  Thus, it will now take more points to stay at many properties even if there haven't been any changes or upgrades...it is called point inflation (takes more to buy the same thing).  I know we were given about 90 days to lock in reservations for up to 50 weeks in advance that would honor the prior categories, but that doesn't work for many people.  This change makes me feel rewarded for supporting Marriott during the downturn in the hospitality industry during the slow down that has been going on for years.  The sales pitch has been about adding a 9th category etc...and a large percentage wouldn't be changing (probably mostly the Fairfield Inns)  If anyone has noted anything positive in these changes or identified how they are good for us customers, I would be interested in hearing about the benefits.