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SJC Courtyard has an awful GM named Mary, her property, associates are sub par for ANY Marriott...

Question asked by iamone on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by barrpat

The SJC Courtyard has the most AWOL GM, Mary, of any Marriott property. Stayed there on 1/7/13, wrote her a detailed message containing several problems we encountered. She never replied to me. Left her a voicemail twice, the second one told her if I didn't here from her within one week, I would escalate my concerns to corporate. I sent an email, but never heard from anyone.


You can tell the Spirit to Serve has died with Bill's retirement. Damn shame because he worked so hard, so long to train the associates and management of the critical importance of guests, returning guests, and Platinum Elites.


We will never stay @ the SJC Courtyard again and I whole heartedly recommend anyone considering to change their plans, and possibly stay at the San Jose Marriott.


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