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Some things come to me about a decade after they should.  The Veteran's Administration (VA)  sent me (and possibly a lot of you too) a personalized package containing benefit information. When I read the last few pages I realized that my former ID card for the VA was bit longer valid, in that it contained both my date of birth and my SSN on the raised lettering and the printed section too.


Dreading the treatment by the bureaucrats  and the bureaucracy, I headed to the clinic, about five miles from home and was pleasantly surprised by the service and the experience.  There is a lesson to be learned and Marriott as well as other service providers might take note.


  • I was welcomed entering the door, and given specific instructions on what to do next.
  • I met with a counselor who was polite, courteous, and seemed to enjoy her job, introducing herself
  • At the conclusion of the meeting she stood and thanked me for my service to the country.


So, I left feeling good, feeling that I had been served, and willing to give VA high marks for treating us as a group so well.


PS: at the Monterey Jet Center yesterday I ran into an 89 year-old former B-24 pilot, who still has a pilot's license, and flies weekly.  His son asked the folks at the concern that flies people around in these warbirds if his dad could take the helm for a time while in the air.


The answer was interesting: they said we'll arrange a flight with no passengers and then yes he can.  What a tremendous gift to a proud man and a wonderful veteran.


Here's to the greatest generation!!!


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