A Platinum upgrade at Hertz

Discussion created by anadyr on May 14, 2013
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I've been in the President's Circle Elite membership at Hertz for a decade, which was their highest level (that anyone knew of) and is based on usage of Hertz for rentals and requires an annual number of rentals.  Now they have offered us (including me) a chance to become a heretofore unknown level member--that being Platinum!  For only 1200 dollars a year, I can be uber-elite and very special.


Other levels do not get in as cheaply annually as you can see here.



President's Circle $1,200
Five Star $1,275
Gold $1,350
None $1,500


The Platinum benefits are comparable to those I get for free as an Executive Elite member at National Rent A Car, but this is a disturbing trend.


What if Platinum membership in other programs were enhanced and then charged for? 

Never say never, I always say.