Thanks to Carrie, Night Housekeeping Supervisor, Cleveland Renaissance on Public Square

Discussion created by mshapiro99 on May 13, 2013
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Dear Marriott Spirit to Serve:


I wanted to call out "Carrie" the Night Housekeeping Supervisor at Cleveland's Renaissance on Public Square.


Due to a room assignment snafu, my family was (eventually) given a room with 2 beds, but it was not feather free. We need feather free due to allergies.


Carrie changed the bed linens at 11PM, in a room full of road weary adults and crabby children.


Some may say that she was just doing her job, but I say yes -- she was doing her job -- without a complaint, efficiently and effectively.


She turned around what was looking to be a negative experience based on a botched room assignment ... and I think she deserves note and reward from her management team.


Thank you.