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Room Assignment Woes

Question asked by mshapiro99 on May 13, 2013
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EVERY time I check into a Marriott after making a reservation and listing the number of stayers, and I choose the option for 2 beds, guaranteed, I am assigned a King Bed (even though I list 2 Adults and 2 Children)? It happened again at the Cleveland Renaissance on Public Square this past weekend, and in Philly before that, and in Pittsburgh.


I need a feather-free room (due to allergies) with 2 beds -- and since I know the hotel could block a room that meets my needs in advance, but chooses not to, why do they bother asking me for what I need? In Philly they gave me a reception room with a Murphy bed and a pull out couch ... in Cleveland they made the Housekeeping Supervisor come to the room at 11PM and make it feather free ...


What magic words do I need to put into my profile to make this as straightforward and easy as possible?