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Sharing the wealth - where are the best last minute/pre-deadline rewards opportunities?

Question asked by erc on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by trippin'

    Ok, you've studied up your Marriott Category Rewards changes

and you've lived inside the pricing grid for weeks, your eyes are droopy and bloodshot, and yet you still have a few certificates and rewards points you would love to max out before the May 15th midnight (make sure you're playing in the proper time zone - whatever that may be!);


How about if we tap the experience and expertise (and giving nature) of Insiders and share some of the sites we've already booked, just in case it might provide that last minute 'Hail Mary' strategy for other members.


To kick it off:

I booked the soon to be Cat. 5  RESIDENCE INN - Gravenhurst Muskoka Wharf this summer for my hang out at the lake Canadian vacation (some possible uses also exist for the drive from Buffalo or Toronto on up there)


Also for evening out local overnights (after dinner and a play/movie) - the soon to be Cat. 5 Dulles Marriott Suites (weeknights mind you, Plats get a great buffet and rooms cost even more, providing me the guilty pleasure of puttin' it to  "The Man" ) and my favorite,  Residence Inn Bethesda Md.


californian - following the lead of pluto77 booked a points saving stay at Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes and pluto also closed some deals on some Bay area Courtyards and is ready to pull the trigger on a 50 week away London stay.


So how about it Insiders - where were the pre-devaluation bookings that made you happy that you got one last bite of the 'good ol' days apple'? (Nostalgia isn't what it used to be)