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Joint Security Area (JSA) South Korea - 13 April 2013

Question asked by jasper100 on May 13, 2013
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Highly Recommended to view the videos here as it was one of the most unusual experiences My wife and I have ever encountered in all our travels and one of the highlights of our South Korea/Thailand Trip. We did have the opportunity to step into North Korea territory in the Military Armistice Conference Room where half that room is considered part of North Korea.


We were in South Korea at the JSA and DMZ on 13 April 2013...John Kerry was at the JSA at the same time same day my wife and I were there. It was during the crisis when North Korea was moving missiles and threatening to launch them. It was interesting that the South Koreans did not seem to be concerned about the threats and conducted their business as usual. We were quite surprised that the JSA/DMZ tours went on without any change in the agenda which was as follows:


Unification Bridge - Camp Bonifas - Joint Security Area - Freedom House - Military Armistice Conference Room - UN guard Post 3 - Bridge of No Return - Imjingak Park


Security was very high during the tour which was conducted by U. S Military Personnel.


The videos are shown below.