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Transit in London and Paris

Question asked by mikiegfla on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by a1912a

In a few weeks I'll be heading with my wife and kids to London and Paris, each for five days. I've done a little research on transit passes but am still confused which ones to buy.


In Paris is appears that buying a booklet (carnet) of 10 Metro tickets is the way to go versus a Visite card. If we board the Metro four times a day then we are ahead  by purchasing the booklet instead of the Visite.


As far as London is concerned, it's a bit more complicated because no matter how much I put onto an Oyster card, the most I will pay for travel on any one day will be £8.40. To complicate matters a 7 day Travelcard costs £30.40, which comes out to $6.08 per day but that's based on a seven day card used for only five days.


Any wisdom will be appreciated.