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what can i expect from my stay at a vacation club?

Question asked by platinumstar on May 10, 2013
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Booked with British Airways holiday to go to Marriotts Playa Andaluza, Spain, arrive tomorrow (Sat) as part of a BA package. I get my BA avios points but the stay doesnt show on my Marriott rewards page and I now know (didnt at the time of the booking) that MRC do NOT upgrade regular rooms (there was no option on the BA holidays website so it was this or nothing, nor was there anywhere to put that I was a Marriott rewards member. As I'm Platinum lifetime, I think I will still get my 500 points welcome gift, but will i get anything else - free internet? Points on spending whilst there? Ive already emailed Marriott concierge on flyertalk some days ago but got no reply. Anyone offer any help please?