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Are you frustrated when it comes to using your Marriott Reward Points?

Question asked by thinker on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 11, 2013 by curiousone

I am a long-time Marriott Vacation property owner and collector of Marriott Reward Points.  My family and I have had many wonderful interchanges with Marriott hotels and resorts over the years.  HOWEVER, I am beoming increasingly frustrated with the Marriott Rewards system and what I perceive as a lack of concern in regard to customer satisfaction with this product.  For example:  I am now in possession of 2 free nights at a Category 4 hotel.  I thought "wonderful!" until I discovered that most of the hotels I would consider using this certificate were all category 5 and above!  (And why on earth do you need 8 categories of hotels?)  If you truly wanted to "reward" your customers, why not give something that all customers could use?  Like giving a point bonus.  I just got back from a trip to Hawaii where a friend I referred bought into the Destination Program.  I expected to receive a bonus of Reward Points for the referral.  I have yet to get a response from the sales person regarding this bonus.  Also, at the sales office, Marketing tried to substitute a $50 gift certificate for the 10,000 points they had promised for me to attend a showing of their Kauai Lagoons property and listen to a presentation of the Destination program.  (I did protest that and got my points.)


The icing on the cake came today when my son tried to reserve a suite at a Courtyard hotel in Bloomington IN (for he and his wife and child) using Reward Points.  They were perfectly willing to kick in additional points to do this.  They were turned down because "you can't reserve suites using reward points".  Why not, if you have the points?  He then asked for two adjoining rooms using Reward points.  The reservation center told them they had adjoining rooms but they could not guarantee the the rooms would be next to each other.  What, pray tell, are adjoining rooms if they are not next to each other?  Ridiculous.  Is it just me or is Marriott losing their customer focus?