Redemption Ridicule

Discussion created by drray01 on May 10, 2013
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Simply have to vent...


I've been a Marriott rewards member for well over a decade and have been pleased with the Program and with Marriott in general.  However, as of late, I think we all have witnessed the systematic erosion of the "reward" in the Rewards Program.


Not only are they harder to earn, they're harder to spend!  Hotel classifications expand, but the free night certs apply to fewer of those classifications.  You can't use points for certain room types...etc, etc., etc.


I didn't join Marriott's Reward Program because I liked their logo...I did it because their Rewards program was just that - rewarding!  It differentiated itself from the myriad of other programs and hotels at which I could have stayed.  After my most recent unsuccessful attempt to use points to reserve a room, I began to ask myself why I was even continuing to try to accumulate points if they're only good for such limited redemption opportunities.


I'm beginning to rethink my loyalty to the program and wondered if anyone else was feeling the same way.