Marriot now Telemarketing......what next- Infomercials

Discussion created by crest on May 9, 2013
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I just got a call from their vacation club- marketing arm......Marriott came up on my caller ID at home so I answered it-.......They wanted to sell me a 4 day 5 mite stay at any Marriott Vacation club for $199.99 plus which buys you a 1 yr certificate.  They reduced it from 399.99 or something like that.  Sounds interesting but they were a little pushy.  When I asked a few questions- the girl I spoke to put me on hold and a manager comes on and state he accidentally click of my page- asked my name and then continued his hard sell.  There were additional dollar per night- and so on.


I guess my point is why not just offer a good deal the first time?  You know I am a member, you have my name and then you try to push a hard sell with no obligation.  Until you ask and then thee is a 90 minute meting on your last day.  That's fine but treat me with some respect and just tell me the details without having to ask.


I wanted to say can you cheek me in and out 5 separate times to get all 5 stays but of course its a special so you don't get stays.


Come on guys- I feel like I am being played by used car salesmen.   No ofence to those who sell cars-