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Unexpected Bonus offer:  Anyone planning to ask to change their "2 cat. 1-5 certs" offer to a "3 cat. 1-4" offer?

Question asked by woot on May 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 19, 2013 by woot

I'm debating calling to ask if I can switch my cat.1-5 offer (2 certs) to a cat. 1-4 offer (3 certs), as we normally use these for "overnight stops" on road trips, so tend to use them in the middle of nowhere.  Is this wise?   Or, will "middle of nowhere" hotels also be moving up to cat. 5?   How accurate is the document that's been posted on this board, with all of the category changes for specific hotels?  Should we assume that we won't see other changes on May 16th?


Also, anyone done this?  Will they allow it?