Reduced Expectations

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HI all,

Anadyr brought this phrase up in response to a series of commentaries on housekeeping.  First of all, I want to say that the people I least blame on this issue is housekeeping.  They are the people who are following orders from their 'superiors' or to use an even more demeaning phrase 'betters'.  I always make sure from the beginning of a stay to leave great tips for my housekeepers, who get almost nothing in terms of pay (while not a housekeeper, I experienced similar situations during my transition to college/grad school/professorship since I mostly worked three jobs while also teaching full time.  But I did not have to do the kinds of jobs housekeepers do.  Would any among us want to do them? Cleaning horrific bed sheets, cleaning toilets, dealing with similar problems from many of us who should know better. I am not directing this at the Marriott community but I know many of my scholarly colleagues have no regard for what the women and men who clean the rooms actually have to do.


Marriott needs to take the lead in this.  I think the brand name is losing its luster, certainly among us long time frequent stayer oldtimers. because sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side.


I ignored many of these signs over the past many years (unreplaced towels, unreplenished toilet paper) because I was a LOYAL MEMBER and I got major points.  Suddenly, especially when the free nights came with pay per night, the towels weren't replenished after the previous guest's stay, and people did not treat me well at some Marriotts, I reevaluated my position.  As of the recent devaluation of reward points I decided it wasn't hard any more.  Frequent stayers expect certain things.  When all that disappears or when shortcuts are taken or when NONE of our suggestions on Insiders are met with anything but 'we're trying' then it's time to move on.  I got comped long ago on other reward hotel programs, but except for IHG I rarely use any of them. The way to go, as I have found, is independent hotels. My stays have been so much more wonderful, I have been treated better (previous hotel exceptions to be noted), and the location of hotels so much better, that I just don't see myself ever staying at any but my few select Marriotts that have treated me so wonderfully in the future.


It's a sad day for me to say this. I was once an Ambassador, not long ago, with SteppingStones, yet Marriott lost my loyalty -- I did not become disloyal till recently -- they pointed the way. It's a corporation plain and simple with profits as the goal.


So only a few Marriotts in the future for me. Unless the Athens Ledra is reprimanded for treating me so wonderfully, I will always stay there, even if I need to be at the airport the next day early -- because the people are so great and they really care.  Ghent, if I get there again, there's no question, like Brussels.  But alas, I have no more research to do in Belgium, but want to call out those wonderful hotels.


Marriott, don't try to win me back. I'll remain on Insiders, but I will rarely stay at Marriotts in the future.  You've done in the brand, I assume in the name of the great profits Marriott has made over the past year or two.


Alas, I once loved you but no more,