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London Marriott Maida Vale 30k pts.  VS. LHR Renaissance $100 ?

Question asked by erc on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by zukracer

Once again, using the London experts of Insiders as a travel advisory board, I post the following issue;

My base operation is from London Marriott County Hall, I have two nights reserved on the backend of my trip at the LHR Renaissance. The last night is a given, because I have an early flight home and so just want to shuttle to airport. Normally I would spend $100 instead of 30,000 points, but what do the pros think, is it worth the points to save on the tube travel back and forth from Heathrow (since the final trip is with bags; for this question, the 'extra' trip is without bags)?

There are no other point nights available (after I reserved Maida Vale they were gone also), especially in the congestion area - so this is the only option for points (and cash prices are through the roof this late). I've read all the reviews (one recent one by ericinva and all the other Insider posts, including a recent review on tripadvisor by Insider zukracer so I know the Maida Vale is  A) out there geographically, I'm hoping by the end of the trip, I'm a decent enough tube user to efficiently travel back into the city, and B) is an average to mediocre property with not much around the area - I can live with those constraints, because I plan on keeping bags at County Hall, hanging out in city and then checking in after an early dinner (unless someone advises getting to Maida Vale in daylight).

The next day, whether at Heathrow or Maida Vale (which as reviewers note is actually in Kilburn Park), is going to be a 'catch up' day (I will have hit all of my must sees) walking either in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Regents Park or Notting Hill (ideas welcomed and appreciated including restaurants) or hang out at a market like Borough or Portobello.

My brain is about to explode,  so any and all input is greatly appreciated, thank you.This is my final London question (unless I have another London question ), promise!