Hawaiian railways and museums

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Thank you!  I'm not sure why that is... I'll remind communitymanager once again of the issue!  But I love Obon season.  it almost makes the heat & humidity worth it... that and mango season   But Obon season is a huge deal here in Hawaii.  There are so many "Bon Dances" across the island, even one in Waikiki!  The Okinawan festival at Kapiolani Park (which also has a Bon Dance) is during the tail end of Obon season as well.


As for the railway... are you a rail buff?  I know most people are shocked to see railroads here, though the 4 major islands all had railroads at one point in their histories.  In fact, Oahu Railway here on Oahu was a major Class 1 railroad that ran from Honolulu Harbor up to Kahuku via West Oahu and the rugged Kaena Point.  The mainline was even double tracked from downtown Honolulu to Ewa.  Today, what remains was preserved by the US Navy for munitions supply trains, which ran through the end of the Korean War.  Now the railroad is cared for and is being restored by the Hawaiian Railway Society, which offers rides every Sunday.  It runs though Ko Olina, which is why the new shopping complex across from Ihilani is called Ko Olina Station


The Hawaiian Railway Society - Oahu, Hawaii


Hawaiian Railway Society - Photos | Facebook