Planning and navigation tips for London

Discussion created by erc on Sep 13, 2012
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Branched from an earlier discussion

Thanks jerry for the followup. I've been studying the threads (this is essentially a Marriott Insiders planned trip) and I'm going to be staying a week at the London County Hall (based mostly on your input - thank you) with a stay on each end at the Heathrow Renaissance, where I intend to use the insights of Navigator Mr. Kamel who has written in this forum Concierge posts. I'll be hitting all the sights (we love walking, but of course will use cabs strategically), catch a few plays, visit the other Marriotts, eat breakfasts at the CLs, grab at least two other meals a day, and certainly hit a few pubs, catching a few football (theirs) games and in honor of arkwright, at least one inning of cricket (although the old Marriott Sam Lords Castle, r.i.p., provided me enough cricket on their 3 channel tv in the 80's to come close to lasting a lifetime).  The good news, I don't go until May, so plenty of time to study up. The bad news, I may need that long to be able to learn how to effectively navigate the tube (oyster vs. travel card - name of lines vs. color of line etc etc).

Trust me, I'll be getting back to the Insiders for ideas and thoughts - that's more of a threat than a promise.