So I've been away a while...

Discussion created by jkernitzki on May 6, 2013
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Truth be told, I've missed this place somewhat, but not the overall Marriott "experience". Not that Hilton makes me quiver with anticipation at my next stay, but over the last several weeks around the country and across brands, my takeaway is that Hilton's game is a bit sharper than The House That JW Built. Sure, there are little things here and there that dissatisfy me, as well as some things that I look forward to with Hilton, but I am smart enough to credit much of it to the relative "newness" to me of the properties; less of the same old, same old, as it were.


I passed my Diamond Challenge last week, and hold that status now through March 2015.  I'll see what—if any—difference that makes, and report back. I'm still not putting Marriott behind me, not by a long shot.  In point of fact, I've got reservations at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa for July 28—August 2. No, it's business, and nearly walking distance from the client. I don't like resorts, beaches, or Hawaii, so this is punishment, not pleasure. I am taking the missus though, as she's been bugging me for 35 years about going, so she gets a week of island life. Serves her right.  I was dismayed to find that on top of the stupid resort fee (gives me free wifi and newspaper which I should already get, a Mai Tai which I won't drink, and a couple other useless items of no interest), the spa is a contract operation, so getting a Marriott spa certificate does me no good as they don't accept them. They've been devalued recently as well (what hasn't?). I need to also rethink the rental car; $32 a day to park is a bit steep. And people go here for fun?


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