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Question asked by lkh on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by painedplatinum

Ok, maybe it is me (and I have no idea why I am taking the time to do this, except I am irked, again)  but I keep seeming to have issues with "specials" where you can earn extra points.   Often they are listed as a code M11.  Althought I try to use this code, eventually it seems that Marriott tells me that isn't how I booked so I didn't earn points.   FRUSTRATING. 


Suggestions anyone? 


If they want to drive traffic to certain properties, why make it difficult.  Or is it all about getting more money on the reservation when you book, to make up for awarding some ponts? 


Bottom line, I like the brand but this is pushing me to go elsewhere... I don't want to have to keep checking to see if I got the points as I thought.    Dear Marriott if you are listening, can you make something on the final reservation page that indicates if a promotion is going to apply?   Maybe a "Points to be earned" this reservation or akin.  Or is there some web page showing future booking points and I have missed it?   (not the what I have earned, as by then it appears to be to late)