Marriott Vacation Club points and exchanging my home resort

Discussion created by bobbisam on May 4, 2013
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Yesterday I bought into the Club Point program.  I am a MCVI owner. Except for using the Marriott Reward Points; I have not been very happy with exchanging my home resort thru Interval.  I have tried to vacation in Hawaii for over 5 years; I am always (yes always) told there is nothing available.  KO Olina was where I wanted to go to be specific.  I have even asked Interval to find me ANY timeshare in the state of Florida that is on the water and was still told that nothing is available.  Looking at places in Europe looked too scarey to visit (not Marriott quality).  After reading the various tiime share owners and their vision of the Vac Club points, and things I never thought of I am ready to take back my deposit and forget about this club stuff.  It seemed like what I had wanted; which was to stay at Marriott Hotels and Marriott's Resorts.  I am not crazy about only being able to use 1 of 4 possibilites; three of which I can use right now and the 4th being the vac club pts.(all of which I have paid for.  Now I am paying MORE and can't use the value I originally bought into; now there is 1 option I can use and paying a fortune  to do it.  WHERE IS THE SENSE TO THIS????????????