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"Train Travel" To your Marriott Hotel!

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 12, 2013 by jerrycoin

Thanks Pluto!


You "Hobby" of collecting trains, and sharing with us how you used to travel by train with your Grandfather prompted this post.  With travel costs going way, way up, the trains represent a great alternative for travelers!


While I don't have time to list all the many options available, I hope you can share some real "Time and Money Saving" options with other MRI!


I would like to share a favorite of mine!  STL to Chicago!  The Renaissance in STL, is very close to depart from, and in Chicago, you have wonderful choices along The Miracle Mile!



Coming into a "Glorious" Chicago is wonderful on AMTRAK!

the 'Sears Tower" is  a welcome sight!



Bye-Bye Chicago!  This is leaving the Chicago Station.  A few days of fun!  The AMTRAK R/T was about the same price as ONE DAY of parking in Chicago!


This picture is NOT from the train, but it passes right in front of the ARCH.  Welcome back to St. Louis!


How about sharing your train story to/from your Marriott property!