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Federal Gov't rate and other discounted rates

Question asked by thor on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by tfranklin

First off, I would like to thank everyone here for their tips and suggestions on how to use the Marriott Rewards Program.  I'm fairly new - just over a year and a half,  yet I have already accumulated 145k points and just recently received my gold status.  I use Marriott for pleasure not business.  So, it's really a challenge for me to stay 50 paid nights a year to accomplish my gold status, to be honest.


I work for a federal gov't entity, therefore, been lucky in getting good rates on most of the Marriott hotels we stayed at.  I would like to know if anyone here use the federal gov't rate or any discounted rate such as AAA, senior or et al.


Since I first started using Marriott, I have been lucky - I have not felt any discrimination for using a federal gov't rates.  Staffs have always been pleasant and never let us feel any less for paying such rates.  I received my gold status just this Feb. (2013).  I also have not seen any differential changes on Marriott's treatment towards us.  In fact, we frequent, Marriott Irvine for weekend relaxation and have received room upgrades, as well as 2 adult and 1 child breakfast comp (on every stay since Gold status).  However, few weeks ago, I encountered an issue with Courtyard Hotel - Riverside.  They informed me that I will only get 1 comp breakfast because I paid a federal govt rate.  That confused me.  I called Marriott Cust. Service and the lady who answered confirmed that this is Courtyard Hotel Riverside Policy.  In all seriousness, I don't care nor do I mind paying for 1 extra breakfast (or more).  I just want to know the exact rules; a consistent answer - that way, I know what to expect on my stays.  I have an impression that once you are gold member, you get 2 comp breakfast or an access to concierge lounge (if the hotel have one).  Am I wrong?


is it safe to say that the members benefit changes or does not count at all, once you pay a discounted rate?  Doesn't seem right to me.


Anyone here use govt rates, AAA or any discounted rates?  Does your benefit (silver, gold, platinum) change when doing so?  Any comments would be appreciated.


Thank you!