Suggested changes for Platinum rewards members

Discussion created by greenit on Apr 28, 2013
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Good afternoon,

  I would like to suggest the following changes to the Platinum and Platinum Premier status.


Platinum status

Currently, the only tangible benefit after gold is the 48 hour guaranteed reservation and award at check in.  The rest are nice but nothing special.  Special is the key.  As a platinum guest not by use of credit card by nights in beds that is the most important thing. 


To make us feel more special while at the property, I would suggest the following (looking for more)

  1. Points stays earn qualifying nights (help keep our status as we are butts in bed)
  2. Variation in the platinum gift.  Food or 500 points is very stale at each hotel.  VARRY IT!  Marriott has great regional hotels, give us something from that region.  I don't need points and I do not need a bigger gut.  I would love a massage or other things that pamper me when I am away from my family.
  3. Cat 1-4 or 1-5 certificates can be translated into room discounts, spa treatments, or transferable to others.  We are already at the hotels.  I don't need incentives to stay more, rather I need things that make the stays even nicer.
  4. Upgrades without amenities are kind of worthless.  Example: I loved being upgraded to a two bedroom suite because it had a fireplace.. but it was overkill as I am only one person.  If I got the standard good view room but was given amenities like spa treatments, tickets to local events, movie tickets... I am already there.  Take care of me. 
  5. Have the managers make a point of learning your name.  This would require us to upload a picture with our profile.  it would be great to be recognized upon check in


I hope others add to my suggestions.  


I would love to see some additions to the Platinum and higher status that does not encourage us to stay more (we are already doing that) but rather make it easier to keep our status through stays (not credit cards) and more importantly make the stay nicer.  Small things matter more than possibility of upgrades.


I hope you like the theme from someone who was on the road more than 30 weeks last year.