Session time out and replying from email notifications

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I have been complaining for a long time about the lack of organization.  Adding baseball made it worse.  The reviews are not organized.    If one writes a review and gives it a title, often it has nothing to do with the location.  I did one on Fairbanks, stating nice location (or something like this).  If one is looking at new posts they have no idea till they open it that I am reviewing Fairbanks.  Unless one is planing to go or thinking about it or just looking for ideas, they would have no need to open it.


So much is is posted and I am not going to open them all to see if they are of interest to me.


There are still many site problems like "session timed out".  I can be working and go to a new post and it makes me sign in again.


The site has become burdensome as well as less interesting.  It is supposed to be a travel site and that is my interest.  I am willing to help others when I have knowledge and would like help when I am planning to go where I have not been.