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Why should I stay with Marriott/Chase?

Question asked by ash35 on Apr 30, 2013

I have been a long time loyal customer of Marriott.  I travel around the world from Shanghai to Toronto to Brazil and back for work, and for personal as well.  My family and I always enjoy our stay at Marriott's as we know what we are going to get and enjoy the accommodations.   I have the international card, with the chip so you would think they would be used to global issues....not the case!


Recently on a trip to Bolivia, I received a call that my card had a $2.96 cent charge that they thought was not right in Florida where I was just on Vacation.  I agreed, but described at length that I was In Bolivia (middle of no where South america) and that under no circumstances where they to shut down my card, as I needed to check out in a day at 4:00am.  I then gave the individual my itinerary for the next week which included a trip to China, where again I was staying at a JW, and was booking with my Marriott. 4:00am when trying to leave and catch a 6:30am flight, yep you guessed it, my card was shut down.  Hotel could not process my card and I was caught short with no other card.  On the back of the card, there are 2 numbers to call, one is from the US, other is international.  BOTH lead me to a 15 minute infomercial for a 4 day cruise.  Thinking this would HAVE to get me to customer service, I sat through this twice in disbelief that it would not allow me to zero out to an operater in the fraud department, but no, no such luck.  Some idiot in Marketing thought this would be a great place to have a cruise service announcement, vs helping folks stranded in Bolivia....


After a short time I realized that I had no other option, and called my wife, now home alone with our 2 year old, and told here that there is a very real chance I will be stuck in Bolivia for a few days.  Lets say this went over NOT so great.  After digging through my bag, I came across a random card that I had thrown in there from one of the 100 offers I get on a weekly.  Sad part is that this was just the beginning.


Long story short, I gave them my itinerary for the next 2 weeks, every city I was in, I got rejected.  They were supposed to overnight my cards before a China Trip, never got them before I left, they came the day after...

I have spoken to over 12 Chase "customer service" folks, have asked to have multiple people call me back, none have, and if they do it is literally a week after they said they would.  In the end after again not getting a call back, I received a notice that they were crediting my card with 7,500 points, which is the equivalent of around $50.  Oh thanks, appreciate the effort, and considering I spend on average over $100,000 a year, this is very helpful.


The end of this drama, is that I called Marriott Customer service when I had given up on Chase, not sure what I expected but the answer I got was 2x, not our problem, call chase.....Wow, your credit partner is driving loyal customers away from your brand, and this is not your problem.


This post will be the first of many warning folks of the reality with dealing with Chase, and by connection Marriott.  Guilt by association.  I would encourage others to look around and see that this experience is not an out layer, but seems to be more of the norm...


Anyone else have fun stories to away!!