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Using Free Night Awards

Question asked by jrhonig on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2013 by boldie24

My husband and I both have Marriott VISA cards and we each get an annual free night.  However, we live just outside NYC and while we'd LOVE to use the free night awards in Manhattan every Marriott is above Category 5.  I've called a particular property I wanted to stay at (NY Marriott East Side Category 7) and said we'd be willing to use both of our free nights (ie, 2 nights in a Category 4) for just 1 night in their property which was a Category 7.  I was told it couldn't be done because the hotel wouldn't get reimbursed.


We don't travel much and were hoping to do this for my birthday.  Is there some way we could do this?  Especially because I know the hotel has rooms available.