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More questions about 50% mileage bonus from US Airways

Question asked by pluto77 on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by californian

Hi Everyone,

I only have a few more days to take the plunge on ordering the Marriott travel package in order to take advantage of the US Airways 50% mileage bonus promotion (120,000 miles + 60,000 miles = 180,000 miles) and am trying to decide if it's worthwhile for me or not.  I'd be doing it for a flight to either LHR or CDG from LAX next year, Spring 2014. 


As I am west coast, I am still trying to find my US Airways legs.  I just don't fly US Airways because they don't fly where I fly.  The other challenge that I have with US Airways is that I can't fly non-stop from the west coast to Europe with them.  With the merger however, all of that will no doubt change.  Non-stop is a biggie for me, but I would be willing to accept a connection through Charlotte or Philly, if I'm flying for free (with miles). 


Between North America and Europe, it costs 125,000 miles roundtrip (250,000 miles for 2 passengers) during high season.  Since low season is only from Jan. 15 to Feb. 28, I figure it's just better to figure high season miles.  So that would put us short by 70,000 miles.  Does anyone know if the difference in miles can be purchased?  Are there airline taxes and fees for the overseas legs?  If US Airways is part of Star Alliance, can I combine their miles with my Lufthansa miles?  The other option would be to purchase upgradeable economy class tickets and then use the miles for upgrades, 30,000 miles + $300 each way for the transatlantic flights plus 10,000 miles +$150 each way for the west coast - east coast legs, so a total of $900 + 70,000 miles just for a first class upgrade/person on top of the coach fare, which seems like a lot, but perhaps not when one considers the out of pocket cost of a first class ticket, and the fact that we are not frequent flyers, so do not have millions of miles at our disposal (or we could just fly first class half of the way maybe?)


So I'm wondering if this is a good deal for my travel needs in particular or not.  Or if I'm missing any other options that haven't occurred to me.  I would hate to take the plunge only to find that the miles won't work out for my needs.  I'm still feeling so dumb about all of this, but I simply do not have experience with airline miles.  Any thoughts or comments or answers to the above questions are greatly appreciated.