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Are the Kindle or I Pad good tools for Reading books or Listening to audio Books?

Question asked by mish916 on Apr 21, 2013

I like to read books and also to listen to books on tape.  I have been getting books from my local library to read.  I have also been borrowing audio books from the Overdrive E books site from a free subscription I have access to.    I listen to the audio books while I drive by connecting an mp3 to the audio jack in my car;  this is an easy and convenient way to listen to recently published books.


I have been thinking of either getting an I Pad or a kindle bold in order to borrow and read E books from the public library.     And also to be able to listen to audio books while I am driving. 

Is it convenient  to read books off of an I Pad  or a kindle bold?   Will either of these allow me to listen to audio books conveniently as I can with an mp3?


I am looking for some information on either of these two products; the kindle and the I Pad for the 2 purposes I mentioned above.



Danny R