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Show Room Floor Plans on Marriott Website

Question asked by iahflyr on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by kharada46

After returning from a recent trip and now looking for places to use reward points before May 15th, I ran across the Ritz site where at some hotels you have the ability within the "Rooms and Suites" page of the hotel website to view the room floor plans.

What a great concept so a prospective guest can actually see the floor plan and possibly make a more educated guess what type of room this actually is they're seeking to reserve rather than be totally surprised when they arrive on site.  I believe this option would be very helpful when selecting an upgrade room to reserve such as a suite or larger guest room.

Do you think this is a worthy enhancement for Marriott to offer the ability to look at a room floor plan on their website? 

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.