Boston, my (adopted) home town

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 20, 2013

It's a standard done by Dropkick Murphy and the Standells and others.


But truer than ever these days--a town with heart and guts, if there ever was one.  Some wicked funny folks here too, folks who can make fun of most anything, but always keep their focus on the real issue, which in this case is catching the evil doer brothers


DSCN0332.JPG.This photo from the lobby of the Sheraton Copley, shows folks being attended to by bystanders, total strangers, who came into the hotel to help runners and their families.  The man in the black jacket was a medic in Vietnam and came in to help any way he could.  I did not get his name and wish I had.


Within minutes the SWAT teams arrived.  We felt better right then only an hour after the bombs went off.  We had a sense that, even among the chaos, we would be all right.