Nationwide Breakfast deal at Courtyard

Discussion created by pluto77 on Mar 5, 2013
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Branched from an earlier discussion

I really hate to keep picking on Courtyard, especially since I used to like it so, so much (well, especially "since I used to like it so, so much" is exactly why I'm picking on it so much these days), but...


I just received the most annoying email from Marriott, advertising their Nationwide Breakfast deal at Courtyard for the entire year, offer valid through Dec. 31st.  First it's not nationwide, it's only select Courtyards in select cities, and second, it's not free, it's the usual stay for breakfast rate that we've always seen, and third, who wants to stay for breakfast and have to stand in line for microwaved food or coffee at the Bistro?  Seriously, does Marriott think we're stupid?  I guess I just felt a bit insulted by that email, either that or I had entered the Twilight Zone.