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My own addition to the sad tale of my dear Courtyards letting us down.  A few weeks ago, I received a phone call inviting me to participate in a focus group being held by a marketing company and sponsored by the Marriott Courtyard brand.  Aha, I thought.  What a great opportunity to share my own thoughts and those of my fellow Insiders.  Prior to being signed up for the group, I was asked some questions.  The first few went smoothly enough, and then I was asked my age.  Proud, rather than embarrassed, I shared it with the questioner who excused himself to check on something.  When he returned, he said that I hadn't made the age cut.  There were no more spots for someone over 65.  I guess I can understand the need to spread demographics in focus groups--we invite people to participate in them for my organization and to try to get a good representation of different geographies, types of positions, etc.--but never age!  I am still working, travel fairly often, have frequently chosen Courtyards, and thought I could really add to the discussion.  Not to be, though, so I am sorry I couldn't share our common complaints.  How about them apples?