I will gladly return to both of these fine Courtyards

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Mea Culpa.  I stayed at two Courtyards this past weekend.  I said I wouldn't do it anymore.  I guess I lied about that.  I did however state that I would do what's best for me and as such, sometimes Marriott would win, sometimes the other guy would win, but as a free agent, I will always win.  Here's the deal:  the first CY I stayed at is close by my parent's house, and is a known quantity: a good stay in a good location for a good price.  The second CY was a first time stay, but again a good stay in a good location (Long Beach, and upgraded to a room with a view of the Queen Mary) for a good price.  I will write a review for both of these properties soon, but what I would like to share here is that while the Carlsbad property has apparently converted to the bistro - I say apparently because it was advertised in the elevator, but I didn't see a bistro - they have kept their previous styling with the beautiful lobby and public areas, along with a bar/lounge area that looks almost as nice as a FS Marriott, and the covered poolside area was very inviting.  I was upgraded to a room with a large balcony with two chairs and a table which overlooked a treelined greenbelt.  I was told by the front desk staff at the CY in Long Beach that the property is one of the few that is actually owned by a member of the Marriott family, and they chose NOT to convert to the bistro.  The full service restaurant is being renovated (and during that process guests are being provided with complimentary free breakfast), and once the restaurant/bar opens later this month, they will also be offering room service.  The rate at the LB CY was under $100.  Parking was only $12.  Rate at Carlsbad $104 with free parking.  Both properties had complimentary lobby coffee (LB had teas as well), and 4 cup coffeemakers (and refrigerators) in the rooms.


I will gladly return to both of these fine Courtyards.


LB CY room view

queen mary room view cr.jpg