Please come to Boston in the Springtime...

Discussion created by profchiara on Apr 16, 2013
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I was born in Philly and live in Maine, but I spent the major years of my life becoming a person in Boston (1976 - 1994), where I want to college, worked, and learned a whole lot about life.  While I am not a person for crowds in any case, the sights from yesterday made me physically ill, because those were MY streets, MY hospitals (I worked at both MGH and Brigham during college and grad school), and MY people. I love the city more than any other place in the US and I hope they catch the coward(s) who did this very soon. In the meantime, I love the spirit of my adopted hometown and their resilience.  And I loved it that retired Patriot Joe Andruzzi was one of the heroes who carried some victims from the scene.


Be well, be strong, and don't let them get to you, fellow Bostonians.