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Hotel Review Glitch - Is the Third Time a Charm?

Question asked by pluto77 on Apr 16, 2013

Well, let's see if the third time is a charm, shall we?


I just tried to write a hotel review.  I found the hotel from the list, entered my title and my review.  When I clicked the submit button, it came back with a red error message stating that I needed to select a star rating and enter the date of my stay.  Oops, forgot that, so no problem.  Only it is a problem because when it came back with the error message, my entire review was wiped out in the text window.  Very frustrating.  So then I went to create a discussion under 'Community Suggestions', following the prompts to create the discussion - this very discussion - to address this issue with the ratings and review page, and after typing all of this in and hitting the submit button, an error message came back telling me that I was unauthorized to create that discussion under 'Community Suggestions - Community help and support', and again, my entire post was gonzo.  So here I am, trying for the third time to address this issue.  I am creating this post in Destinations, since I can't seem to do so in the most appropriate group/topic.


Who knows if I'll ever get around to successfully creating a hotel review at this rate.  Can this glitch please be addressed, CM?