Think about a Courtyard with Bistro Boycott

Discussion created by smcentyre on Apr 19, 2013
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Very unhappy with Marriott's decision to discontinue the complimentary coffee bar at Courtyard properties with a bistro. As a Platinum Premier Elite it is already aggravating enough that Courtyard is the only property in the Marriott chain where I cannot get a complimentary breakfast. But I had accepted this. But now that Courtyard is taking away the coffee also I will boycott any Courtyard without the free coffee bar. The in room coffee is not an option because of sanitary concerns. All you need to do is google in room coffee. Many travel sites warn guest about using the in room coffee makers. Personally I have become ill because of using an in room coffee maker. You are forcing guest to buy your overpriced Starbucks coffee and this is unacceptable. I am also a Diamond with Hilton and I never have to buy breakfast or coffee at any of their properties. I will continue to post all properties failing to offer coffee anywhere I travel on this site and on Facebook. All PPMR menbers need to let their voice be heard.




Dulles Town Center, Lexington, KY and Durham, NC for keeping the free coffee bar!


Avoid Beckley, WV or Woodbridge, VA