Outstanding Job!

Discussion created by toddinmemphis on Apr 17, 2013
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I would like to send out a huge thanks to Nancy and her staff at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Weston, WI.  Less than two weeks ago, we found out that my father would need quadruple bypass at the hospital next door.  Having never been through this before, we all scrambled to find a hotel that was close and had rooms.  I called the first day and spoke with Nancy and she explained that they did have a hospital rate and were right next door.  I called my brother and he was able to secure two rooms for them and I called back once I had my travel plans and got another room.  Upon my arrival, Nancy was behind the desk with a huge smile on her face and allowed me an early check in.  I ended up there for 4 nights and even had to be moved to an issue with the room, but everyone there did a superb job of making our family feel like they were at their home away from home.  It was difficult enough to be there for a risky surgery, but knowing we did not have to worry about having a room or a great breakfast each morning made our entire stay as enjoyable as it could be, under the circumstances.  The hot tub was a welcome relief after sitting in the waiting room/hospital room all day and they have a small Market there as well.  I have never had such great service from start to finish and really wanted to nominate Nancy as well as her staff for the Spirit to Serve Award.


Sadly, I think we will have to be going back again in the next few months and we already know who we will be calling and where we will be staying!  Way to go, Nancy and staff!!!