The Perfect American Moment

Discussion created by airventure on Apr 16, 2013

I'm not much of a story teller, but here's my 42story moment...


I was an intern at American Airlines right after graduating from college. It was a great experience, but lets face it, it was mostly to travel the country for free. Ever weekend I would go to a new destination. This particular story takes me to Salt Lake City. I did all the touristy stuff, mostly Mormon related. But one non-Mormon related moment really stuck out. I've been to a few baseball games in my life, and even played a little in grade school. I happened to be walking around my hotel, looking for stuff to do, when I came Derks Field, which is home to the Salt Lake City Bees. That's right...the mighty Bees. I ended up finding a nice little spot in the outfield, which is just a grassy hill behind the fence. I grabbed a hot dog and coke, sat down on the grass and watched an all American baseball game. It's hard to describe why this has stuck with me over the years. It was just one of those moments when all was right with the world.


I even have a picture to remind me of the moment.