Aftermath from Boston

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We are fine. Our daughter Kecia ran in the Boston Marathon today, and is dealing with hundreds of emails, and texts.  She is a runner and was on target for a personal best.  We saw her at Boston College (MILE 21) and she was zooming along at a nine minute mile pace.  We were heading to the finish at 26.2, when we heard via a subway operator, that there was a police incident at the back bay, and that we needed to get off the train at Fenway stop, about a mile away.  All we could think about was what had happened to our only child. We had arranged to meet at the Copley Square Sheraton after the race.  We had a chance to be at the finish but decided it would be mobbed and did not.   Thankfully.

We met her at the Sheraton at the same time.  She was tired and shaken,  and the personnel there were exemplary: free food, free ice packs, free internet, free power strips, and caring associates.I thanked everyone with a badge from there.  Also the lobby filled with security personnel most with M-16s and SWAT gear appeared and the FD to do a floor by floor sweep. High marks for all Bostonians, but the responders were incrediubly well trained and well organized. 

We morn the loss of life but we are grateful for our own survival and that of our daughter.