My son's FIRST major league ball game

Discussion created by mike_5757 on Apr 14, 2013

My son's FIRST major league ball game happened when he was eleven years old.  I had taken my oldest son to see a NY Giants game a few weeks earlier, and wanted to do something special for my younger son.  So we drove three hours to Shea Stadium.  Without any tickets.  We figured we could get a good deal at the last minute.  So we park the car, and head towards the ticket booth, when we were approached by a scalper.  Surprising, huh.  Anyway, we got two tickets eight rows behind homeplate for less than the face value of the tickets.  Not only were they great seats, but we had a waitor we could order food from.  So we didn't have to miss any of the game waiting in line.  I don't remmber who won the game on the field, but my son and I definetly won.