Shaun Fowler 42 Story - Summer Baseball Trip

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Two years ago, my wife planned a big trip to celebrate her 40th birthday.  We went with some friends down to Puerto Rico and had a blast.  Soon after, I found myself thinking about what I wanted to do for my 40th.  I narrowed down my choices to a final two: a World War II tour throughout Europe (I am a history teacher); a baseball trip throughout the Midwest and Northeast United States (I played baseball through college, and currently coach high school and little league baseball).  Since this is something I would like my family to enjoy, and my children are probably too young (6 and 2) to enjoy a historical trip, I chose the baseball trip. 


My son and I will be flying to Chicago towards the end of July.  After a tour of Wrigley Field (the Cubs are out of town) and a White Sox game, we will make our way over to Iowa to the Field of Dreams.  We’ll spend a few hours there before driving over to Milwaukee for a Brewers game.  After a pit stop in western Michigan, we will continue on to Detroit for a Tigers game.  Our next stop will be Cleveland for an Indians game.  A stay in West Virginia, just outside of Pittsburgh, will bring us close enough for a Pirates game, then on to Philadelphia, where my wife and daughter will meet up with us, and we’ll get to see the Phillies.  The last stop of my trip will be New York.  Although the Yankees are out of town, the Mets are playing at home.


For some, this trip doesn’t sound very exciting.  Baseball, car, hotel, baseball, car, hotel … But for me, a lifelong baseball fan, it is a trip of a lifetime!  Since I was a kid playing baseball in our “lot”, a gravel parking lot adjacent to my house, with my Uncle Joe, at 70 years old, pitching to my cousins and me, baseball has been an important pastime to me.  After playing throughout high school and college and various men’s leagues, I have been able to share my passion for the game with my son, his teams and the high school team that I coach.  I have been able to give back to the game that has taught me so much about life, and been there for me throughout the ups and downs over the years.


By the way, did I mention that this trip is made possible because of the Marriott Rewards Program!  You see, I have already started booking my rooms along the way using my Marriott Rewards points.  So thank you Marriott Rewards for making my upcoming trip a dream come true!!