Why 42 Matters

Discussion created by mack77 on Apr 14, 2013

As an Asian-American, I have to be honest. We are not as connected to sport as many of our peers. Blame the culture, blame our parents, whatever. I did play alot of sports in high school but I HAD to be at school so these sports were accessible. So now all these later, I'm kind of regretful I never got to play Little League. LL is something that requires family involvement, A little kid is not going to be signing up for LL by himself. While my parents were busy working, there was also the sense that it just wasn't something immigrant kids like me were supposed to do in our free time. It didn't matter that my parents were in business. My friends with lawyer and doctor parents didn't really want their kids playing LL either.


While I am not Africa-American, it is not difficult for me to understand and empathize with Robinson's story. While there wasn't any one that I knew of who would give the stink eye if I dared joined LL, it's the idea of doing something even though people disapprove and disagree with it if it is something you love and something that cannot and should be kept from them. Sure, integration would have happened eventually with some other player but Robinson was the man who the right person at the right time. I honor sacrifices he made to take on this role.