Weekend Nights

Discussion created by zuca2 on Apr 14, 2013

One of our dates with my husband was at a baseball game and since then I have special feelings for this game; I might not understand that much, sometimes I think is too long; but at the end of the day I really enjoy watching a game with my husband or going to the stadium since he is an avid fan. One of our things that we do as a couple is to go to game every month or watch a game during the weekends as a family. We had been doing that since the year 2000 after my daughter was born since is not that easy to go out anymore. Last year when the Marlins opened their new stadium we went to several games during the year with my daughters; they (my daughters) are still in that phase that they don't understand baseball too much; but the other day I heard my little one talking to a boy about baseball which I thought it was very cool. We also agreed with my hubby that we would go to the movies to watch "42" since I think it was a very important step not only in baseball but in the USA; thanks to him, color barriers were destroyed and today we can enjoy players from all over the world.