My Date with Baseball

Discussion created by zuca2 on Apr 14, 2013

Sixteen years ago I started going out with the person who currently is my husband, when we started dating it was agreed that we would have three dates in order to determine if we were right to each other. The dates had to be: One place that we both like, one place that I like and one place that he likes. Our first date was at the Melting Pot Restaurant which was amazing for both of us since we both like it; we had a wonderful evening and after the night was over we decided on my date which was going to a concert (Depeche Mode) with a nice dinner at another restaurant; we were thrilled at the concert and we were both looking forward for our third date at a place that he likes. The day of the date I was very anxious too see where we were going; when he showed up  with a Florida Marlins cap; I thought to myself (This is the end of the road with this guy; I like him a lot; but a baseball fan, ughhh). To make the story short he took me to the Stadium and the first impression was nice; since that was the first time I had gone to a baseball game/stadium; then he tried very hard to explain the game to me which I didn't understand and until this day I don't; but what got my attention is how he talk to me about two guys....Clemente and Robinson....he went over and over and over; and maybe on other circumstance I would had say "That's it, I'm out"; but for some reason I found very delightful how he was so sweet trying to explain to me the game. By the end of the night, the local team (Marlins) had won and I was very pleased with our three dates. I "love" baseball because it was a connection between my husband to be and me....it's been almost 16 years from that night and 15 years of marriage...thanks Baseball