The best lounge attendant I have ever met

Discussion created by nacho on Apr 15, 2013
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Well I have nominated several associates in the US. I'm based in Scandinavia, so my travel destination would usually be in Europe. This time I would like to nominate an associate working at Heidelberg Marriott Hotel.


He works at the lounge and he is definitely the best - not the kind where he expects something in return (tips). He took care of everyone in the lounge very well - he is very polite and friendly. He cleaned up quickly after guests left.


Also when he went around to clear used dishes for guests, he asked if everything is ok. It shows that he cares. He also listened to other guests comments too.


He refills food quickly - food ran out during the cocktail hours and if it's in the other Marriotts we stayed at, there will be no food (or they put out only cold food). However he made calls to the kitchen to order some more food for all of us - not when it ran out, but when he could foresee that it's going to run out soon. So everyone in the lounge won't have to wait forever for fkudo


He replenished food very quickly too when he saw a tray is empty.


My bad: I can't remember his name I know that he wears suit and I remembered that he is Greek?


I stayed there on March 28-31 if it helps.